The future is now, GNOME Shell is here

The application switcherAnother way to move between the windows is using the Application switcher, a popup window which appears using the default shortcut keys ALT+TAB. Its usage requires to keep the ALT key pressed and press the TAB key multiple times to move between the applications.

Each window will be presented by its application icon and the highlighted one will be moved in foreground and made active when you’ll release the ALT key.

If multiple windows of the same application are visible then a sub-menu under the application icon will allow you to choose the desired window. While keeping the ALT key pressed you can use the arrow keys to choose from the sub-menu which window to show in foreground.

The application switcher will show you every window in all the workspaces; a little white vertical bar will split the applications shown in the active workspace (at left side of the vertical bar) and those in the others workspaces (at the right side). The same rule applies to the sub-menu with multiple windows of the same application.

The default key combination ALT+` (using the key under ESC in US keyboards) will allow you to switch between the windows of the same application currently active.

Using the key combination ALT+ESC you can switch between all the windows in the same workspace without having to choose them in the application switcher.


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