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Comments on: "Manage the startup applications" (11)

  1. Exactly what i was looking for, thanks!

    But why is it so hidden, with no obvious interface like in the “Settings” or a “Startup Applications” like Ubuntu?

    Thanks anyway.

    • Ben S said:

      You can use this command to unhide them. Just does a direct substition to change the NoDisplay flag that hides certain startup applications. I suspect hiding them is so that an unexperienced user doesn’t accidentally alter/delete something important that they don’t know how to use.

      sudo sed -i “s/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g” /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop

  2. [...] Einrichten von Autostart-Programmen nimmt man vor indem man den Gnome Session Manager startet. [...]

  3. Oh thanks. I was looking for where the “Startup Appliactions” is in Arch’s gnome-shell. Didn’t know it is called gnome-session-properties! Thanks :)

  4. The Printer Applet is not in Fedora 17 when I run gnome-session-properties.

    I would very much like to find away to turn off the notifications.
    I am sitting beside the printer so I know it started printing.

    Gone are the days of simplicity when K&R did not believe in bothering users
    with information they didn’t want

  5. [...] Normally I don’t have too much difficulty determining how to set or change what application will start-up automatically on login.  When I started using Gnome 3 however, I was not able to find any way to easily configure them.  I found this finally when I gave up and searched the internet.  This information was obtained from the following location: [...]

  6. Thanks a lot! I was looking for a guide like this for gnome shell.

  7. Srikanth S said:

    thanks a lot. i was pulling my hair on how to add applications to gnome startup. thanks again

  8. […] πληροφορίες είναι απλή μετάφραση των πληροφοριών από το Blog του Gnome Shell. Οι δικές μου πρόσθετες παρατηρήσεις όπου υπάρχουν […]

  9. João M. S. Silva said:

    Very appreciated. Needs to be updated.

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